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Tufdek Tests And Approvals
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What is CCMC? The Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) offers a national evaluation service for all types of innovative construction materials, products, systems and services. Operating within the National Research Council Institute for Research in Construction (NRC-IRC), CCMC evaluations are based on the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada LWhat is NFSI? The National Floor Safety Institute was founded in 1997 as a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization whose mission is to aid in the prevention of slips, trips-and-falls through education, research, and standards development. The NFSI is led by a fifteen-member Board of Directors representing product manufacturers, insurance underwriters, trade associations, and independent consultants. Tufdek is listed with NFSI as a certified product providing High Traction.   What is UL? Underwriters Laboratories is the trusted source across the globe for product compliance. Benefiting a range of customers - from manufacturers and retailers to consumers and regulating bodies - they've tested products for public safety for more than a century.  
What is Intertek? Intertek is the world's largest independent testing, inspection and certification partner. They provide manufacturers and retailers with faster, more efficient market entry around the world. Their services include electrical safety testing, EMC testing, benchmark and performance testing, and turnkey certification management - all backed by a global network of product testing experts. Intertek delivers the certifications companies need to succeed in global
What is ICC-ES? For decades, ICC-ES has been the industry leader in performing technical evaluations for code compliance, providing regulators and construction professionals with clear evidence that products comply with codes and standards. Having completed hundreds of evaluations of building products, components, methods, and materials, ICC-ES has a proven track record of excellence in product evaluations.
What is Q-LAB? Sunlight, heat, and moisture cause billions of dollars in material damage every year. Product damage, including cracking, crazing, hazing, fading and yellowing can occur indoors or outdoors. Indoor office environment lighting or sunlight through window glass can cause light fastness, colorfastness, and other photo stability issues with certain materials. Even materials that are resistant to sunlight alone or to moisture alone often fail when exposed to sunlight and moisture in combination. Do you know how well your products will last in every location where they are used, including both indoors and outdoors? Reliable photo stability test data can help you avoid unexpected product failures. Q-Labs testing, weathering and light fastness test equipment and services can help you increase your product quality when used for selecting new, pigments, dyes, and inks, improving existing materials, and evaluating how changes in formulation affect your products durability. Will your products fade or change color over time? Don't guess when you can test with Q-Labs.
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What is Trinity/ERD? As one of the premier roofing and waterproofing consulting organizations in North America, Trinity | ERD's laboratory has provided independent testing services to manufacturers, consultants, architects, engineers, and contractors from around the world since 1995. There accredited laboratory can perform scores of varied tests to be ensure materials meet code expectations, your roof meets warranty standards, and many other aspects of building envelope integrity
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