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Aluminum vs Wood Wood can represent a significant fire hazard. Aluminum will not rust or rot, and if powder coated properly, will not have to be painted over the life of the product. Wood must be treated or painted every two to three years. Wood inevitably rots and eventually will have to be replaced, adding to longterm overall cost. Aluminum vs Vinyl Vinyl railings can be severely affected by the weather, and may shrink or warp due to excessive heating and cooling trends. Aluminum railings have minimal expansion and contraction characteristics and remain relatively consistent thoughout extreme hot or cold temperature fluctuations. Aluminum vs Steel Steel is approximately 3 times heavier than aluminium, making it difficult to handle and more costly to transport. Aluminum will not rust and, when powder coated, provides a superior, long lasting, maintenance-free finish. Steel however, must be painted every few years and; even if properly maintained, can still be prone to rust.
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